Friday, February 20, 2009

The Marriage of Narcissism and Voyeurism

The costumes picked up a little today. (Above, Homage to DiChirico which is, I think, underneath, the same little man who did the fabulous Klimt a year or two ago).

I was particularly taken with a sextet (three couples) done up in an 18th Century chinoiserie theme, featuring Chinese and Japanese lanterns. I'd be willing to lay odds that these masquers were French; the style was certainly French-flavored rococo. These are not store-bought, not rented. They are not Ready-To-Wear. They are couture.

As ever, although less crowded and frenzied than in Carnevales past, the main activity divides into two: either you pose or you watch. Those in costumes pose; they have come to pose, and that's what they do, playfully, teasingly. Everyone else watches, more or less enchanted or seduced; most take pictures. It is the marriage of narcissism and voyeurism.


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  1. I like that you keep putting up a new Venice photo each day in the masthead...