Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wrapped Street (Not Christo)

What lies under the ubiquitous grey paving stones can be a mystery. Houses of solid brick built centuries ago don't have plumbing and wiring conduits in the walls. Most of it is external, crosshatching the exteriors of houses, running down into the streets. There, the paving stones can be pulled up and the city's guts sutured in.

Most of these projects begin with numbering the paving stones, marking them with chalk, so they can be fitted back, like a numbered jigsaw. In severe cases, modern replacesments are used, but as much of the original materials as possible is recycled.

I pass this little street at least three times a week. The configuration of the wrapping has changed as the work has progressed. For a while, walking through it was like navigating a maze; now it is a little more straightforward.


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  1. grazie mille. they would be quite interesting in a Christo salmon color.